Our Story

What started from the grassroots by a bunch of ski loving entrepreneurs, are quickly turning into something bigger.

A world-class destination

Åre is one of Sweden’s most well known tourist destinations with a portfolio of world-class experiences, hotels and restaurants.

Apart from being a destination to visit, the municipality of Åre was named Sweden’s most fun place to live in 2016. This isn’t hard to believe when you consider what a life in Åre means to work/life balance.

On top of that, Åre was also named Sweden’s second best place to start a business in 2016, right after Stockholm.

Creative and free-spirited

Tourism made this possible.

There’s no question that tourism is the foundation for making this possible, bringing creatives and free-spirited people from all over the world to Åre.

But indirectly, tourism has also made it possible for other industries to establish themselves in the village – among others the Startup community.

Åre Coffee Club

Business, life and many cups of coffee. 

Every Monday morning a loose group of entrepreneurs, calling themselves the Åre Coffee Club, gather at the bakery Årebageriet. Ranging from 3 to 30 people the talk bounces from business to last weekend’s adventures on the mountain.

House Be

From grassroots to bricks and stones. 

The Åre Coffee Club community grew from the grassroots and quickly started to attract attention from all over Sweden.

This meant that the Monday meet-ups grew out of hand fast. To take the community to the next level, a physical spot was needed. A place where new companies easily could land in Åre and a natural gathering place for mountain-loving startups.

Welcome to House Be.

Words from Åre

”Åre is the best place for Startups in Sweden today. The nature, the people and the creative environment among all new companies truly is inspiring. The fact that Åre also was named the most fun place to live in Sweden doesn’t exactly make things worse either. ”

JAN ANDERSSON, Head of business operations – Åre Municipal