It’s all about work/life balance

Åre is a special place. Some people refer to it as a weird outpost in northern Sweden where mountain lifestyle meets the pulse of a big city. In many ways that is true. There are few places where word-class alpine experiences and the wilderness are so close by a growing business life.

But what it really boils down to is work/life balance. If you live at a place where you’re passions in work and life can be combined. Magic can happend.

Welcome to Åre. 

2/11-2016 – Pressrelease (In swedish) – Ny startup-hub sätter Åre på kartan som startup-destination.pdf


Why Åre

There are many reasons to run a company from Åre.


The Swedish Property Federation named Åre the most fun place to live in 2016. A fantastic acknowledgement, but not surprising.


The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise named Åre the best place for young entrepreneurs to start a company in 2016. No 4 over-all.


One hour from Åre/Östersund airport and two hours from Værnes international airport. Unless Skype or Slack isn’t enough, traveling isn’t a problem.


A network of investors and angel investors are currently being formed. Exciting times ahead!


One unified community with representatives from both the business side and municipal. We’re in this together.


From world-class restaurants to bars and shopping. Åre has it all.

Work. Play. Be.

Work. Play. Be. These are our three building blocks towards a more productive life at work and a better way of life.


Get inspired by like-minded. Get focused with less distractions and fill your lungs and head with clear air. Unless a fast internet-connection isn't enough, the airport is just an hour away.


Where to start. Skiing, hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing... The list can go on forever. Basiclly you got northern Europes biggest playground outside the office window. The question is where to start.


Imagine what a couple of rides in the slopes before work would do to your productivity and for you as a person. Tempting?

Then you definatly should read more about House Be.
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We work from Åre

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We moved to Åre from Norrköping 7 years ago. Here we have the perfect conditions to combine our entrepreneurship with a great quality of life for the whole family.


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”I moved up to Åre 9 years ago from Stockholm. I really like Stockholm, but living so far away from my passions outside of work didn’t really work for me. Nowaday, I really can’t think of a better place for my daughter to grow up either.”


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